Why, why, why?!

4 Dec

People always have interesting reasoning when it comes to answering why they do/decide their actions, and these survey answers are no exception. With new media outlets at every average American citizen’s disposal, the reasoning behind why they are comfortable displaying their sexual desires to someone that could or could not leak them to the public range from obvious answers to eccentric answers. Here are the top ten personal whys:

1) Between two consenting adults, its similar to flirting, just using new media

2) It’s fun and entertaining

3) When physical contact isn’t an option

4) Because it feels anonymous and slightly dirty without having to actually be either

5) I don’t, it’s bad

6) It keeps long distance relationships alive. It also can be a source of entertainment and/or sexual release

7) Nobody likes a dry spell

8) To keep a relationship fresh, and heighten anticipation

9) Boredom

10) I was drunk

Here’s a few more possibilities!


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