Shame On Minors, There Is a Thing Called the Law

2 Dec

Something we did not know as a group, was how serious the legal ramifications were for minors who engaged in sexting. In this article, we learned that kids under 18 had to endure such embarrassments as being put on child pedophile list that anyone can see and that will stick with them forever. We decided to let our surveyors know about this, and were impressed that 75% were aware that such legal ramifications already existed.

In the article found on Gadgetwise, a 2009 survey was produced where the conclusion came to be that one in five teens may be child pornographers risking life in prison. Whether they were distributing pictures of themselves does not come into the equation in the eyes of the law. Blaming sexual hormones and our obvious modern love of electronic sharing,  the law has not decided to change anytime soon. With this kind of potential for disastrous results, it is scary for the kids that are so used to sharing everyhting on Facebook, that one naked picture couldn’t hurt. But really, as a seventy year old lady that has to register for the child pedophile list, for something she did when she was fifteen, is a testament to the serious repercussions.


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