The numbers are in…

1 Dec

What Ages Sext?

After the alloted one hundred of our closest friends filled out the online survey, we were given results that actually shocked and commented on the relevance sexting had in our technology-driven society. Here are the important facts whose impact could only be seen in numbers:

*Disclaimer: An individual could pick more than one option, so not all the percentages are perfectly even 🙂

1) Have you or someone you know engaged in sexting?

86.9 % – YES

14.1%- NO

2) What forms include sexting?

68.7%- Text

59.6%- Pictures

16.2%- Talking

36.4%- All

2%- None

4) What age group do you think uses sexting the most?

49%- 15-18

41%- 18-21

14%- 21-30

19%- all

6) Have you ever electronically sent nude photographs?

60%- YES

40%- NO


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